Music Management Course 2012

 In 2012 a centralized educational training program - Music Management Mastercourse - is held for both active and future music managers. The course will be carried out by ten leading international specialists who will cover the core disciplines of music management. The disciplines in question include international marketing, publishing, legal issues, public relations, promotion, management, touring, negotiation techniques, etc. The courses, taught in Tallinn, Estonia, will be achieved during a 7 months program of five sessions (each session lasting for 2-3 days). Ten participants will get the opportunity to do an internships abroad in top level international concert management firms, music foundations, production companies, etc. The course will be conducted in English. Music Management Mastercourse is supported by European Regional Development Fund.


Which topics are covered?
Who will take part?
How much does it cost?
How to apply?

Which topics are covered?

1. Introduction to music industry (29.-31. March 2012, in cooperation with Tallinn Music Week)
- Taking risks
- Choosing suitable partners
- Different business models in music industry
- Various models of music export

2. Main fields of music industry  (29.-31. March 2012, in cooperation with Tallinn Music Week)
– How to manage an artist/composer internationally
– How to form international alliances with concert managers for concerts and tours
– Understanding how international music festivals work
– Understanding how major concert venues and halls operate throughout the world
– How to sell your artist/musician/composer to an agent abroad
– Career planning
– How to find a suitable recording deal for an artist
– Touring and tour booking
– How to get international booking agent involved in the tour planning
– Budgeting an international tour
– Tasks on touring personnel (tour manager, production manager, at later phase tour accountant)

3. Legal environment (April 2012)
- How to set up international publishing deals
- Understanding international music publishing laws and regulations
- Understanding international copyright laws, licenses and mechanical royalties
- Understanding and analyzing international contracts
- How to prepare an international contract in the best interest of the musician/composer etc

4. Marketing and communication (May 2012)
– How to identify music and/or artists that have international potential
– How to brand an artist and/or a composer in an international market
– How to create an effective marketing plan
– How to get free publicity internationally
- Mastering the art of focussed communication
- How to create an effective promotion plan
- Ddeveloping relations and working with the international media
- How to find a sponsor and obtaining different types of sponsorship

 5. Future trends and innovation (September-October 2012)
- An overview of current and future trends in all music related technologies
- The role of social media and other e-tools in the career of the musician/composer
- Engaging new audiences through Internet and other viral resources
- Sustainability of traditional music performance and composition in the Internet era
- Future musician as a multi-tasking professional


Who will take part?
In order to create diversity of experience for all participants and cover as many areas and types of music as possible, both active as well as future managers (in total 30) will be chosen from all the candidates. During the course 10 participants will be selected to carry out their internship in leading organisations of music industry.

How much does it cost?
The cost of participating Music Management Mastercourse is 600 euros, which will grant the possibility to participate in mastercourse sessions and roundtable discussions. The course fee also provides a free entrance to the Tallinn Music Week conference and showcase concerts.

How to apply?
Send your CV, covering your personal data and presenting your previous experience in the field of music, and motivation letter, explaining why are you interested in participating the course to The deadline for applications is 1st of March 2012.