Legal Environment

1. 21st Century Copyright: Will Classical Copyright Survive the New Technologies and Business Models in Music Industry Over the Next 10 Years?

Jonas Sjöström - Chairman of IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association)
Mike Meharry -- Music Glue
Peeter P. Mõtsküla -- specialist on Internet copyright law
Aleksei Kelli - Associate Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Tartu University
Juho Koikkalainen - Digital Manager (Finland and Baltic region) Universal Music
Rein Lang -- Minister of Culture, formerly Minister of Justice and a festival promoter

Moderator: Triin Tuulik, Intellectual Property Law Attorney at Law Firm GLIMSTEDT
30 March 2012

2. Giel Bessels. The Myths and Reality of Music Copyright. 14 April 2012

3. Giel Bessels. Music Publishing: Various Functions of Record Companies, Complications Caused by New Technologies and Recent Developments
14 April 2012

4. Kari Karjalainen. Legal Concerns in the Music Industry. 
Current Situation: Changes that Digital Age has Brought.
13 April 2012

5. Kari Karjalainen. Types of Contracts and Negotiations. 13 April 2012