Discovering Estonian contemporary classical music at the Budapest Music Centre in October 2015

august 2015
With the successful cooperation between Estonian Music Development Centre and Estonian Institute in Hungary there was held an introductive seminar about Estonian contemporary classical music with Estonian composer Tatjana Kozlova Johannes and Hungarian composer and conductor Balázs Horváth
The presentation was held on the 15th of October at the Budapest Music Centre, which has one of the most fruitful cooperation with Estonian Institute in Hungary. In year 2014 they have organised together several Estonian jazz music concerts, movie nights with Arvo Pärts's music and last but not least, seminars about Arvo Pärt's music conducted by professor Toomas Siitan.
The audience had the chance to get information about Estonian contemporary classical music and composers from various booklets and records provided by Estonian Music Information Centre.

According to the board member of Estonian Institute in Hungary Monika Segesdi and the leader of the Estonian Music Development Center Marge Raun both emphasise the need to   continue with the  mutual beneficial partnership. One of the possibility is to have series of concerts in 2018 to celebrate Estonian 100th anniversary with Music Conservatory in Budapest and Budapest Music Centre.

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