Call for ideas of musical events to celebrate 100 years of the Republic of Estonia

april 2015
The aim is to celebrate 100 years of the Republic of Estonia with creative and unforgettable musical events

In order to celebrate 100 years of Republic of Estonia with remarkable music events the call for ideas is organised by the Estonia 100 Organizing Committee in cooperation with the Year of Music 2015.

The call for ideas is open to all music creators, performers and event organizers. The event should be held during Estonia 100 jubilee program from 8 April 2017 to 2 February 2020. 

Any participating idea should entail performance of at least 20 minutes of new original music, i.e., the first public performance of a musical composition. There are no genre restrictions for the composition and it does not have to be notated. The call for ideas is open to different types of ideas and compositions – from classical to jazz and from folk to electronic music. Ideas from all styles and genres are welcome. The event should take place in Estonia and has to be feasible to organize.

In order to participate, please send a brief description of the event and the musical composition, as well as details of the organizer, to

Received ideas will be evaluated by panel consisting of Olav Ehala, Jaak Sooäär, Liis Kolle, Margus Kasterpalu, Marko Lõhmus, Villu Veski, Jorma Sarv ja Kristel Üksvärav. The panel has the right to nominate up to 10 ideas as being the most appropriate in their opinion. The prize fund of the call for ideas is 15,000 euros.

Deadline for submitting ideas is 10 June 2015

For more information please visit:;