EV100 event: Arvo Pärt - Renowned And Unknown

july 2017
An Exhibition in the courtyard of The Royal Castle in Warsaw

Arvo Pärt’s music has touched and affected many listeners throughout the world. The exhibition Arvo Pärt - Renowned And Unknown, completed in 2005, was renewed for the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and Estonia 100 events.

The exhibition about Arvo Pärt is being held during the Music Gardens Festival in the courtyard of the Royal Castle from July 1st to 26th.

Arvo Pärt’s music is very well known throughout the world and it has touched and affected very many people. This exhibition tells the story of this composer – about his origin, childhood and formative years. This story is a part of the story of Estonia, bringing the listener closer to the environment and story of development in which the music that is so well known was born. The exhibition moves along with Estonian musicians and choirs to different concert venues – in this case to the courtyard of Warsaw’s Royal Castle, where the grandiose Music Gardens Music Festival is being held (http://www.ogrodymuzyczne.pl). Estonian music is at the focus of this year’s festival. The vocal ensemble Vox Clamantis and the Estonian Television Girls’ Choir will be performing Arvo Pärt’s works at the festival.

The exhibition in Warsaw is made in cooperation of the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, the Estonian Embassy in Warsaw and the Estonian Music Development Centre.

Näitus jõudis Varssavisse kuningalossi hoovi tänu Eesti Teatri- ja Muusikamuuseumi, Eesti Suursaatkonnale Varssavis ja Eesti Muusikaettevõtluse Arenduskeskuse koostööle.